Play framework flash

play framework flash

If you have to keep data across multiple HTTP requests, you can save them in the Session or Flash scopes. Data stored in the Session are available during the. context, controller, flash, headernames, i18n, lang, mvc, play, play framework, request, response, session, status, string. The Play Framework. Im trying to pass flash content to a view and it doesnt show up. I had struggled with this issue as well. Finally found a decent solution.


" v.s. Play Framework" by Yevgeny(Jim) Brikman at ScalaMatsuri 2014

Play framework flash - der

Sign up or log in StackExchange. Sign up or log in to customize your list. Inspired by " [2. Post as a guest Name. I look at all the Validation in the samples in playframework and they all do a render with no Validation. I need to pass both a flash value and a session value into one view in Play Framework. Removed the parameters and set it up just how you have it in the example now I'm getting this error: When i debug it, i see that the flash map is. Please see Configuring Session Cookies for more information. All credit for the original source code belongs to Play Framework ; I'm just trying to make examples easier to. So again, the fix. play framework flash


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