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Krampfadern Achatina

The French - German co-production drama is noted for combining expressionism and realism. The picture Krampfadern Achatina a mine disaster where German miners rescue French miners from an underground fire and explosion. The story takes place in the Lorraine — Saar regions, along the border between France and Germany. Expert teams from Paris and Krampfadern Achatina from the Westphalia region of Germany came to the assistance of the French miners.

There were 1, fatalities, including children. Kameradschaft in German means a bond between Krampfadern Achatina or those Krampfadern Achatina have similar opinions and are in friendship. The word is similar to comradeshipcamaraderie or fellowship. Two boys, one French and the other German, are playing marbles near the border between the two countries. When the game is over, both boys claim to have won, and complain that the other is trying to steal their marbles.

Their fathers, border guards, come and Krampfadern Achatina the boys. Inat the end of World War I the border between France and Germany changes, and an underground Krampfadern Achatina is split in two, with a gate dividing the two sections. An economic downturn and rising unemployment adds to tension Krampfadern Achatina the two countries, as German workers seek employment in France but are Krampfadern Achatina away, since there are hardly enough jobs for French workers.

In the French part of the mine fires break out, which they try to contain by building many brick walls, with the bricklayers wearing breathing apparatus. The Germans continue to work on their side, but start to feel the heat Krampfadern Achatina the French fires. Three German miners visit a French dance hall and one of them almost provokes a fight when Francoise Krampfadern Achatina Ducreta young French woman, refuses to dance with him.

The rejected miner thinks its because he's German, but it's actually because she's tired. She and Krampfadern Achatina boyfriend, Emile Georges Charliaa miner, leave, Krampfadern Achatina she expresses her distress over the stories about fires and explosions in the mine.

The next morning, he stops in to say goodbye to her before she leaves for Paris, then he and her brother, Jean Daniel Mendailleanother Welches ist die beste Salbe für Krampfadern, leave for work.

The fire gets out of control, causing an münchen besenreiser that traps many French miners. In response, Wittkopp Ernst Busch appeals to his bosses to send a rescue team. As they ride out of town to help, the leader of the German rescue effort explains to his wife that the French are men with women and children and he would hope that they would come to his aid in similar circumstances. The trio of German miners breaks through the gate that marks the border.

On the French side, an old retired miner Alex Bernard sneaks into the shaft hoping to rescue his young grandson Pierre-Louis. Krampfadern Achatina Germans rescue the French miners, not without difficulties. After all the survivors are rescued, there's Krampfadern Achatina big Krampfadern Achatina with speeches about friendship between the French and Germans.

French officials then rebuild the mining gate and things return to the way they were before the disaster and rescue. Krampfadern Achatina the scenes Krampfadern Achatina take Krampfadern Achatina inside the mine look extremely real, they were, in fact, sets designed by Erno Metzner and Karl Vollbrecht, who were meticulous about their authenticity and detail.

As with his previous film, Westfronthis Krampfadern Achatina talkieKrampfadern Achatina did not utilize the soundproof booths which Hollywood studios used to mask the sound of the camera from the microphone, instead employing a sound proof case called a Krampfadern Achatina, which gave the freedom to move the camera Krampfadern Achatina. Film critic Daniel Krampfadern Achatina calls the film "A heartfelt plea for Krampfadern Achatina and internationalism.

When the film was released in the United States inMordaunt Hall Krampfadern Achatina, film critic for the New York Timespraised the realism and the screenplay, writing "[ Kameradschaft is] one of the finest examples of realism that has come to the screen All the noises and sounds are wonderfully natural.

Variety Hydromassage-Badewanne und gave the film Krampfadern Achatina positive review, Krampfadern Achatina the direction, story, and cinematography, writing that "Pabst has made [the film] a powerful recounting and accentuates more the happenings than the men Photography and architecture are excellent and the sound is clear.

Picture is sometimes abrupt and Krampfadern Achatina are some superfluous scenes but this is an outstanding film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kameradschaft Swedish theatrical release poster by Eric Rohman. Films directed by G. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page Krampfadern Achatina last edited on 30 Januaryat By Krampfadern Achatina this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Swedish theatrical release poster by Eric Rohman.

Krampfadern Achatina

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