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Radonbäder Varizen

Radonbäder Varizen Rahmonberdi hajji son Muhammadazim alam Madazimov was born in in the town of Uzgen.

Rahmonberdi Radonbäder Varizen Madazimov was a writer, in — in the printing house at the chancellery by the Governor-general of Turkestan in Tashkent were published of his two books "Osh characteristics", "Dictionary of names". Inthe theater group was founded under the leadership of Rahmonberdi Madazimov with teacher Russian-native Radonbäder Varizen Osh city Baltyhodzha Sultanov. Eshonhonov, Abdukodir Iskhokov, Isroiljon Ismoilov, Jalil Sobitov the first time in Radonbäder Varizen was founded by amateur theater group based on the concert brigade Ob sterben an Thrombose the Revolutionary Radonbäder Varizen Council of the Radonbäder Varizen Front of the local muslim actors.

The first artistic director of the Radonbäder Varizen group Rahmonberdi Madazimov was the first Radonbäder Varizen and organizer of the theater movement in Kyrgyzstan. Ina visit web page was formed in the drama troupe. This troupe has served not only to the development of theatrical art, but also the development of professional musical art in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

The repertoire of the troupein addition to theatrical productions have Radonbäder Varizen numerous concerts, also carried out the processing of folk melodies for the musical accompaniment of performances that contributed to the formation of Krampfadern an den Beinen Apfelessig musicians.

Founder of Osh Uzbek Drama Theater Rahmonberdi Radonbäder Varizen Madazimov in connection with the departure to the city of Uzgen in Radonbäder Varizen the theater and died at the end of May in the town of Uzgen. Radonbäder Varizen sons Rahmonberdi Madazimov worthy continued his father's work to the service of art and culture for many years worked in the theater named after Babur Osh city.

Urinboy and Zhurahon Rakhmonov were among the founders of Music and Drama Theater named after Babur Osh city and made a great contribution to the development of art and culture of KyrgyzstanRadonbäder Varizen a lot of young actors. Father — Ibni Muhammadazim alam died ina religious figure.

The mother — Bibi Soliha —a native of the Uratepa city. Wife Radonbäder Varizen Bibihon —a native of the Uratepa city. Children — Nazokathon —Hozhiniso —Urinboy —Nazirhon —Zhurahon — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rahmonberdi Madazimov Rahmonberdi Madazimov-founder and organizer of the theatrical movement in Kyrgyzstan. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on Radonbäder Varizen Aprilat By using https://der-hoerwurm.de/geburt-mit-krampfadern.php site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Rahmonberdi Madazimov-founder and organizer of the theatrical Radonbäder Varizen in Kyrgyzstan. Bibihon —a native of the Uratepa city. Nazokathon —34Hozhiniso Radonbäder VarizenUrinboy —80Nazirhon —17Zhurahon —

Radonbäder Varizen

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Rahmonberdi Madazimov – founder and organizer of the theatrical movement in Kyrgyzstan, the founder and first artistic director of the Osh State Academic Uzbek Music and Drama Theater named after Babur Osh city, writer.
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